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Two ONE-NIGHT-ONLY POP-UP shows coming in December!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

 SMITH ANDERSEN NORTH is excited to annouced two ONE-NIGHT-ONLY Ceramic POP-UP shows in December:

Saturday, December 8, 6-9pm: Trent Burkett

Saturday, December 15, 6-9pm: Rick Yoshimoto


Our December exhibition Mark Citret: San Francisco, from the 1970s to the 21st Century, opening December 1st, will also be on view!


All events will feature our signature Danish Gløgg. Come ring in the holiday season with Smith Andersen North!


POP-UP: Trent Burkett

Saturday, December 8, 6-9PM 




















"My appreciation for functional objects ranges from the strictly everyday use of objects to the more eccentric and sculptural aspects of experiencing objects.  Their use can become obscured and inter-changed.  My aesthetic incorporates forms and surface that employ organic / gestural qualities as well as architectural / human invented forms.  In this regard, I attempt to create a dialogue between sculptural and utilitarian ideas."

- Trent Burkett 


Trent Burkett is a sculptor and professor of art. He is currently Full Professor of Ceramics and Sculpture and Chair of the Department of Visual Art at University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA. Burkett has established himself as a nationally exhibiting artist based in the California Central Coast. He continues to build on his current successes in teaching, creative research, and sharing his creative work with a vigilant audience.



POP-UP: Rick Yoshimoto

Saturday, December 15, 6-9PM 






























"The plates are short stories about a long ceramic process. Spontaneous expression can get lost within the time and space of forming, drying, firing, glazing, firing and sometimes firing again. So much time goes by between different stages. Thought streams are interrupted. Keeping the expressed creative intent fresh and cohesive in each art form is the challenge and reward."

- Rick Yoshimoto