February 25 to March 31, 2006


Miguel Farias started his photographic seascape project in 1997. These expansive scenic views of bodies of water and clouds embody a west pacific aesthetic. The strong color sense of traditional Mexican art is fused with the affinity for ordered formalities, repetition and patterns embedded within Japanese culture. The traditional western vanishing point perspective is combined with the Asian vertical format and the results are personal meditations on identity and beauty. The translucency and fields of color oscillating between reality and abstraction assert the meditative qualities.


The images are largely empty of human presence and seemingly transcend any sociopolitical matter with their universal language of air, water, and sun. The rich light and the tactility of the movement in the water and clouds physically draw in the viewer, but the course of the voyage is not predetermined. The connections only exist at the level of the viewer's sense of peril. The images give the illusion of seeing the surface of the water and the clouds from various angles simultaneously intensifying the grandeur of the views. These multiple foci also create a sense of slight disorientation and flux that stirs up the tranquility that existed in photographs of nature in the West coast tradition of transcendent landscape.


Miguel Faras

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