Russ Ellis: Scenes from Emigration

April 23 - May 31, 2011

Please join us for an Opening Reception Saturday, April 23, 6-9pm
with an interlude of a cappella music by SoVoSo


Smith Andersen North is pleased to present our second show of works by multimedia artist Russ Ellis, Leaving Home: Scenes of Emigration.

"I wrestle with the restlessness of form.  Emigrant form is forever leaving home.  Form's only home is change.” – Russ Ellis

Russ Ellis’s forms insist themselves upon the world and speak to us of what we know, what we knew or what we will know. By combining familiar, everyday objects and materials in ways that unhinge them from their usual associations, Ellis creates a language that resists stabilization. Ray Keifetz writes of Russ Ellis' work in The Matter,  "We learn that matter can neither be created nor destroyed, that through an alchemy understood by physicists and artists the humblest materials can drive a universe.  Using bronze, iron, builders plywood, a dash of rosewood, pigments, plastic, sand, Russ Ellis plays both sides of the equation. “

Against the foil of familiar and constructed objects, of sculpture and painted wall work, Ellis creates a sense of permanent movement through materials, weight, shape, color, relationship, time and distance that defines and vivifies the forms through our       lives. He states "The absolutely routine can be practically invisible yet perfectly present. We repeatedly bump into the clearly visible end table recently moved by six inches.  I have some confidence that a sculpture can be especially interesting in the interplay between the familiar and the " distant". In discussing the "taken for granted world", Maurice Merleau-Ponty noted " the rims of your glasses are farther away than the mountains."  (The Phenomenology of Perception, 1962).       Ellis' new work explores the tension between the habits of routine perception and the generation of new form.  

Please join us at Smith Andersen North in San Anselmo for the opening reception on Saturday, April 23, 2011 from 6-9pm, with an A Cappella performance by SoVoSo.