Marc Silber


June 23 to August 1, 2007


It was the new year of 1969 and I was about to start my final semester of high school. Only one problem: I was frankly bored with school and really ready for some adventure. So I decided to approach the principal with the idea that I complete the year by assisting in a small project in the remote part of the Sierra Madre, M©xico, building a medical dispensary. To my amazement he said "yes." I took my beloved Rolleiflex with plenty of high-resolution film. The journey there was amazing: with four others we traveled by Jeep to the inland mountains, a hard and dusty jeep-day east of Mazatlan. The end of this road is the village of Ajoya. This was out first stop and this is where many of my images of "My M©xico" were shot.


We then traveled on foot two days following the Rio Verde deep into the mountains, finally arriving at the remote "village" of El Zoplete: consisting of exactly one hut, one family and a large heard of goats. This became our base camp. From there we followed a trail that wound around the hills to a flat spot, the site of the dispensary. This was where the project itself took place. My routine was to work on the structures made of wood, that we fell and hand hewn, adobe and tile also made by us. Everything we used we made ourselves with the help of three locals: Fausto (who you will see in his window), Agripino (you will see making tiles) and his father.


My combined shots of this experience form this show. I was so fortunate to see M©xico "from the inside"; from the position of one who was adored for bringing medical care so desperately needed by these wonderful people. I believe it is this vantage point that you will see reflected in the intimacy of my photographs.


Marc Silber, 2007