Unai San Martin

La Voz de la Piedra

"The Voice of the Stone"


May 20- June 30, 2017 




“Of the Deserts I know, it is one I always come back to,

because I established a strong connection with its features,

especially the lone rocks. 

A place where the wind is relentlessly sculpting the landscape,

creating all sorts of figures. 

I see these figures to be human-like, as metaphors of our condition.

This series is an homage to these solitary friends. 

As if the voice of the Earth were expressing it’s thoughts through them.” 

-Unai San Martin





Born in Spain in 1964. moved to London in 1989, where he learned Etching at Morley College, then learned Photogravure at Pratt Institute, New York. Unai came to California in 1998 as Fellowship artist at Kala Art institute, Berkeley.  . On top of producing his work, Unai makes Photogravures for artists from the US, Spain, Japan and Mexico.


Although San Martin's pictures are taken in real places, they are mental landscapes, daydreams of a mythic topography. Paths covered by silence, and walked by solitary travelers are his studios where he constructs his work. San Martin has been strongly influenced by painters and writers of the romantic era. Because of this, although he sometimes explores current digital techniques, he often does so in combination with historic processes, such as photogravure. San Martin describes a successful work "if it has a life of its own, and its capable of bringing to the spectator a remembrance of things buried in memory, an echo of waves crashing deep in our sleep".