Migdalia Valdes

In Motion

August 11 to September 8, 2007

 I spend most of my time walking, talking to the people I meet and photographing. It is this wander/wonder-lust that keeps me alive and in motion.

I have been working with photography and cajoling images out of my ancient rolleiflex for over 20 years. I have had the honor of studying with Janice Levy in Upstate NY, with Linda Conner and Jack Fulton at the San Francisco Art Institute, master printer Said Nuseibeh and ultimately honored by working for Ruth Bernhard who died this past December at 101 years of age.

My photographic work is generated from "visual journals" that I have maintained since December 1999. Each subheading, what I consider "chapters", and are bodies of images from within these journals. I have been photographing at least one photograph a day for the past eight years.

I photograph to maintain my connection to photography, art and the world in general. Everyday, I photographically show the experiences of the day to day, the repetitions, the patterns, the sometimes mundane, sometimes titillating pace of living we all share. There are times that I am motivated to photograph and the camera becomes a part of my hand. As well, there are times that I am tired and I can only manage one image, one thought (occasionally, none when I simply expose film to light).

I found that by making photography an everyday habit, I can feed my photographic hunger without forcefully generating new ideas. I intend to continue this work for the rest of my life.

Migdalia Valdes

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