Mixed Media Work by 

Susan Hyde Greene, Howard Foote, Marcus Uzilevsky

& George Woodward 

September 8 - October 13, 2012

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 8, 6-9PM

The four artists featured in Colloquial are steeped in the language of the everyday - assembling found materials, newspaper and magazine cutouts, family photographs, photographs of photographs, string, paste, paint and fragments of text to communicate their particular stories, and their relationship to a contemporary culture that has little regard for yesterday's "stuff" and for all the weight it bears - emotionally, politically, aesthetically.


For these artists, process is equally important - for there is not only the desire to connect a fragmented modern existence, but a need make that desire visible in the surface of the work, whether it be through stitching, layering, pasting, or painting back onto the surface. Through these layers, the struggle to make sense, to create unity, to memorialize the fleeting becomes visceral and tangible. Where words alone fail, the process becomes the language, and their materials, put to new use, become more than the sum of their parts. In these new, inventive combinations, we are reintroduced to a world we forgot to see.




Susan Hyde Greene, Legacy, 2011

Pigment Print, thread, graphite, gelatin silver print, xerox print, silk

19 x 13 inches


"I am interested in making visible the impressions of fragmented inner thoughts and conversations which float through our minds throughout the day. My art making process begins with an assemblage of photographs whose fractured story unfolds as I bind them together with stitching, graphite, and paint as well as fabric and, at times, words."

- Susan Hyde Greene




Howard Foote, Man in Green Shirt, 2002

Cut out letters, glue reversal of type and paint

9 3/4 x 8 1/2 inches 


"Working with mixed-media seems an ideal way to visualize contemporary life. Consider the myriad ways in which our senses are stimulated throughout our mobile existence. Vultures drying their wings in the morning or five minutes of Beethoven's 5th. Stuck in traffic or the scent of jasmine. The memory of a face or an approaching siren. Images of Iraq or the sun shining on the hill opposite us. Thirty seconds of earth shattering news or a dream of your last house."

- Howard Foote 




Marcus Uzilevsky, Ovo

Acrylic and photograph on panel

30 x 20 inches


"It all started with my camera's impersonal view of peeling Billboards in cities throughout the 

world. I used these patterns and shapes to compose a visual poem... As these images evolve into painting they still remain essentially true to the original idea of a naturally formed composition."

- Marcus Uzilevsky




George Woodward, Happenstance, 1952

Monoprint and mixed media

22 x 30 inches 


"Our human behavior is such a puzzle. It can be grand; it can be disgusting. Art for me means seeking images of our behavior, and those images help me to sense an explanation. It's like feeling your way across a dark room, hoping to reach a door or a light switch... I recently read that Leonardo drew thing in order to explain them to himself. That pretty well describes why I make art."

- George Woodward