CALIFORNIA CONTINUED: New Approaches in West Coast Photography

March 5 - April 15, 2011

Please join us for an Opening Reception Saturday, March 12, 6-9pm


Smith Andersen North is pleased to present California Continued: New Approaches in West Coast Photography, a selection of works by established and emerging artists that explores the concerns and influences that have shaped California photography of the past several decades.

"A place belongs forever to whoever claims it hardest, remembers it most obsessively, wrenches it from itself, shapes it, renders it, loves it so radically that he makes it in his own image." - Joan Didion

No other place is better than California at projecting its own image into the world- its promises and tragedies- so that it exists in the popular imagination as something thoroughly known--as much a myth and an idea as a real place. But rather than simply debunking those myths and clichés, the artists and photographs in California Continued gain much of their imaginative power from operating within them- opening up their assumptions, stretching their boundaries, getting dangerously close, and resituating themselves toward their subject matter in innovative ways to answer larger, more personal questions.

While many of the photographers are influenced by methodologies handed down through mentorship in the art schools, a fresh spirit of experimentation pervades. Processes such as the pinhole photography, photograms, collage, multiple exposure, Polaroid, and digital manipulation find new conceptual footholds in a dialogue around chance, perception, and the poetic capabilities of raw photographic materials themselves as transmitters of time and history.

From the flourishing of photography programs and NEA grants in the 1970s that put California on the cutting edge of contemporary photography to the present, California itself remains a complex muse—constantly shifting between a self-conscious stage, painfully aware of its mythic importance as a spiritual and psychological end-point, and simply a backdrop against which the more mundane aspects of daily life are played out. In all of its multiplicity, California Continued examines the trajectories of those who have brought their particular dreams and ideas to California and made it their home.


Mike Brodie                                    
John Chiara                                    
Zoe Crosher
Mark Citret
Robert Cumming
Judy Dater
John Divola                    
Dru Donovan                                                    
Miguel Farias                    
Jack Fulton                        
Katy Grannan                    
Todd Hido                        
Bessma Khalaf                    
Justine Kurland
Michael Light                
Jasmin Lim
Chris McCaw
Sean McFarland
Klea McKenna
Mark McKnight
Richard Misrach
Abner Nolan
Jennifer O'Keeffe
Catherine Opie
Job Piston
Leland Rice
Will Rogan
Paul Schiek
Larry Sultan
Lindsey White


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