Andreas Olesen

(b. 1981)


"When I am in the role of traveler, there is nothing I like doing more than standing alone in a foreign place, invisible. I can stand there, lost to the world I know, and simply absorb life as a varied and sprawling web encompassing so many things."

Andreas Olesen, has spent his life between the San Francisco Bay Area and Denmark. He studied photography at the Art Institute of Chicago. His work displays a juxtaposition of several classic photographic styles, primarily landscapes, but also influenced by photographic collages, the historical camera obscura process, and narratives. This union of styles brings a new and personalized meaning to the landscape photograph. The synthesis of memory, aesthetic, and format come together to imbue the piece with some of the impressions he had of each place he photographs. Leaving behind the usual unity of format in a body of work, there is space to construe a unique vision for each photograph and explore the complex relationships between a photographer and a space being photographed.


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