Joey L. is a young Canadian photographer and filmmaker whose meteoric rise has taken the photography world by storm.  His photographic journeys provide him with a unique perspective through his nomadic lifestyle.  Joey combines his love of travel and photography by documenting his trips and the experiences he shares with the local people and tribes.  Joey becomes intimately involved, absorbing himself within their cultures and traditions, providing insight into their lives through his photography.

In his premiere documentary film Faces of a Vanishing World, distributed in 120 countries, Joey leaves his fast-moving NYC-based photography career behind to pursue his other passion--capturing images of cultures on the verge of extinction.  His interactions with the tribal world will be chronicled in an upcoming series.

Joey received the first place award in the International Photography Awards for his Abyssinia project, shot in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley, featuring portraits of the various tribes that occupy the valley.

"Joey L. is an entirely new breed of photographer who brings photojournalism to the fine art arena. The dignity and beauty that he portrays in peoples of rapidly vanishing cultures are incredibly important in getting their message out to the world."

—Dr. Peter Keller

   President, Bowers Museum

"These exquisite images evoke in the most powerful and glorious way the place of origin of all humanity. From  Africa, 40,000 years ago, our human ancestors began their great journey and within 2500 generations carried the  human imagination to every corner of the habitable world.  ?This beautiful book brings us all home."

—Wade Davis

   National Geographic  

   Explorer, Ethnobotanist, Anthropologist, Author