Pierre Ivacheff
(b. 1947)


Ivacheff was born and raised in Paris, where he attended the Sorbonne and earned a bachelor’s degree in art history as well as a doctorate degree in fine art. He currently resides in Brussels and is a professor of fine art and art history at the European School of Brussels. 

The stories of Orpheus and the Minotaur from Greek mythology are interwoven into Ivacheff’s mixed media work. At times, he combines the two to create his own personal mythology. 
Ivacheff recruits a variety of materials in his work, ranging from aged French accounting ledgers from the early 1900’s, antique maps, dress patterns, bond and stock certificates, articles of wood, scrap metal to grocery bags. He creates new beauty from discarded materials. Ivacheff gives the recycled objects a “second story” by adding a contemporary layer of significance and a new voice to the two classical myths.
Ivacheff has exhibited his work extensively in Belgium. In the United States, his work has been shown at the National Library in New York City.