Dec 13 - Jan 17, 2015
John Upton: The Jungle Road

Saturday Dec 13, 6 - 9pm

Smith Andersen North is pleased to present its first solo exhibition for photographer John Upton. The lush, large format color works hail from Upton’s time spent at his big island home in the community of Kapoho, nestled between dense tropical rain forest and the Kilauea Volcano. Kilauea is the most active of the five volcanos that form the island of Hawaii; its most recent eruptions are responsible for the lava flow breakouts that have been threatening the surrounding communities, giving this exhibition a poignant topicality.


While this somewhat alien world seems disconnected from our daily lives, a brilliant living metaphor for all that is remote, pristine and untouched, Upton brings it decisively into the present, infusing its playful visual poetry with a clear sense of urgency.